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The Next Tribes Q&A

The Next Tribes Q&A

Posted by: Diotoir on Thu Mar 20th, 2003 at 5:25 PM
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A: Yes, we have spent time on this.

Q: Right now I play T2 on Houston Vehicles with 59 other players. You said earlier it'd probably be 8-12 per team in "TNTG". I'd really like to see many of the maps able to handle MUCH more than that. What I love probably most about Tribes2 is that you can have a HUGE number of people playing at a time, it's fantastic.

A: I didn't say that. I said my preference was for 8-12 per side in organized competition. The question was not about pubs.

Q: In regards to the team score a CTF game, is it going to be a 1 cap = 1 point type system, or is the dev team going to make it similar to T2's where you get a point for each flag grab and X amount of points for a cap?

A: I'm a fan of one cap one point, but if it makes sense to score differently we will.

Q: Can you at least promise us that your scheduled deadline is some actual month/year combo instead of just something like 3D Realms's "when it's done"?

A: I have a ship date. Not a ship quarter, ship month, or even a ship week. A specific date. So far the dev team has hit every date spot on with a little room to spare. Very sharp guys.

Q: is this new engine being written specifically for the new tribes game? and will it be available for other games to copy off of?

A: No comment

Q: also, do you guys plan to market TNTG publically? like tv ads and crap? i think the only way to make it the success we all want will require a large and very effective marketing strategy. GTA 1 and 2 were both computer only games (and totally badass), and the 3rd got some good marketing and took off. plz say you have plans to do the same! :)

A: Not my department, but it's rare that a PC only game can spend the kind of $$ needed for a TV ad, but if pre-game hype and pre-orders are high enough it could happen. I don't understand how the sales guys invent their numbers, but I do know that pre-orders are a huge part of it, so off in the future if you like the beta I encourage you to pre-order from whoever you like to buy from.

Q: will there be a random terrain generator? Also, if there is, will it produce actual random terrain...or just smooth, rolling hills of various height?

A: Photoshop

Q: You keep stressing that it's a "new game" and probably won't be called Tribes3.

A: It's not called T3. It has an official name, we just haven't said what it is yet.

Q: Will target beacons be in the next Tribes (whatever it may be titled) game? As well as cameras?

A: Beacons == Perhaps. We currently have plans for some kind of cameras.

Q: Marweas has spoken before that he foresees a game that is more like a sport than a traditional computer game. With the rise of "pro gaming" will there be an emphasis with tribes the next to try and hit this market. If so can you talk about how this would be achived.

A: I guess you should ask Marweas about that.

Q: My only question is, will there be Bioderms in the next game?

A: You mean the space orcs, right? Does the base janatorial staff count?

Q: What are some of the tools you are using(Max, Maya, MotionBuilder)?

A: All the standards. Every game is Max or Maya, C++, Photoshop, Some source control solution, etc...

Q: On the whole browser/community issue. One thing that the suits should like is that if it is in game, it provides a great excuse for the login system T2 has. Main advantage I can see of that system is that it heavially discourages piracy, where as client side only CD key/CD checks are frequently bypassed and simply inconvience the paying customer.

A: I don't need an excuse to make you log on, just code

Q: I mentioned before a slower-paced strategy-style gametype... do you like this idea? Have you considered it?

A: Sorry U235, it's an Action FPS game. Slowing it down would have an identical effect on sales.

Q: The game will be moddable, right?

A: . It will be modable. The exact level of support is yet to be determined.

Q: do you plan on having a voting system like t1 and t2. Tribes has always had the best voting system out of any FPS type game. It has stunned me that no one has copied it.

A: I should think so. At least something like it.

Q: in t2 the depth perception was a lil off and made it kind of hard to tell the distance another player was from you. i understand that it's going to be a new engine and u'll most likely improve upon it, but i was just wonderin if u guys had thought about it and if it was on ur "to do list"?

A: YES. Most emphatically yes!

Q: Will the rights of foliage, or the players that simply look and move like foliage, be fully respected in this new version?

A: Some foliage will be respected. Other foliage will get no respect.

Q: Is the engine for Tribes 3 a new propriety one developed in house at Sierra or are there plans to license an existing engine like the aging Quake 3 or the newer Unreal 2?

A: Can't answer the engine question.

Q: Can you give us an estimate on when there will be an artical or offical release info about the game? When will we be able to hear about who is developing it, and how it is goin? A month? during the summer? around xmas?

A: It's a PR thing, and while I'd love to give out more real concrete info I just can't at the moment. There should lots of info available this year, but I'm not going to get more specific than that as I don't want Menzo going all bezerk about me leaking info.

Q: I dont think this has been asked yet. Will there be bots?

A: It hasn't, and I'm not saying

Q: Can you even give us a whiff of when we'll see some concept art? You don't need to describe what it will consist of or how much there will be, just an approximate time period.

A: Later this year.

Q: Will multi-monitor support be added to Tribes 3? Maybe allowing HUD and menu items to be dragged to the second monitor for easy access during the game.

A: Asked previously, and I just don't know. It's not even something that we've considered, so I doubt it.

Q: will you include the ability to 'bounce' a download request to an external server ala the UT engine? So instead of downloading a map off the server you can have that request redirected to a higher bandwidth (or just different bandwidth) web server.

A: We're looking at something like that.

Q: could you change it so that if a player doesnt vote they lose their vote and are thus removed from consideration when calculating percentages?

A: It's also bad to have 3 people decide the outcome of a server when the other 21 are busy playing. It goes both ways. we're looking at that sort of thing tho.

Q: Tribes 1 pushed the limits for playercount (32) and map size for its day. Tribes 2 likewise pushed the limits for playercount (64) and map size for its day. This seems to be a hallmark of the Tribes franchise which gamers have come to expect. Will TNTG push the limits for playercount (128?) and map size when it is released?

A: You're correct that the bounds that held T1 to 32 players don't exist any more (for the most part), so our map size determination will be based on what we think will give the best gameplay for our design. For competitive play that will be smaller teams. 8-12 most likely (although the community will set the final size as they see fit, which is how it should be). For Pub play you'll see more, and the engine will certainly support fairly large numbers of people, so if the community wants larger maps I'm sure you'll see community developed packs of big maps made available.

Q: you gonna stick with the classic "wasd" configuration? Or do what Tribes 2 did and use the "esdf" config?

A: I'm an ESDF guy myself, but I really don't care (I had to reconfigure most of the keys in T2 anyway so it didn't help me having it be esdf. Right now the dev team seems to be going with wadf. Maybe we'll have a contest and the winner gets his T2 conf used as the default TTN config (a lefty with a trackball would probably end up winning).

Q: Are you going to license Unreal Techonlogy from Epic for the game?

A: I'm not saying anything specific about the engine. Sorry.

Q: Will WETWTCTDG have support for actual wheeled vehicles and not just a "hacked" hover-wheel thing?

A: I hope to see wheels on vehicles, but no guarantees.

Q: will WETWTCTDG use skiing solely as the basis for quick troop movement or will there be more focus on user "developed" jetting techniques ala "hopping?"

A: we want to make skill in skiing and jetting something that will make some players stand out above the crowd, so yes, skillful techneque will be important.

Q: I was wondering if something like Tribe Tags are added, would you be able to toggle them on and off? I for one sometimes like to play without a tag but still be in a tribe.

A: That's a good idea. I'll pass it on to the designer (who will probably tell me to read his design doc more carefully as that feature is described on page umpty-ump).

Q: might the next tribes game have elements such as weather effects? like precipitation that effected the game play(not so much as it is a joke) but just to make it more realistic. it would be cool playing maps where the weather changed from sunny to rain and we had life like sky changes and what not. this would be a cool effect in my opinion.

A: I agree, and it's on a provisional feature list (if we have extra time). Unfortunately we all know how often games are delivered early...

Q: Might these be cameras that can see certain things? like cameras that can detect cloakers, cameras that can see IR, and/or cameras that can see long distances?

A: No . I really can't go into detail about cameras at the moment because the idea is quite unique and we don't want to give it out for other games to use.

Q: Will TNTG have more indoor "quake/ut" style maps?

A: Probably not. Tribes tends to play better outdoors, or if indoors in very large spaces.

Q: Will TNTG have CRC? Will weapon skins pass the CRC if there is a CRC check?

A: Any anti-cheat protection is still on the drawing board. As potential areas of risk are developed, engineers document the risk and we (as if I were actually going to write some of this code) will adress that doc later in development.

Q: Will the game physics differ much from Tribes / Tribes 2 in terms of airmovement, weapons physics etc?

A: They will be different, but not radically (assuming you feel that T1 and T2 physics are somewhat close to each other).

Q: What will the main aim of the game be? CTF? DM? TDM? Something completely new?

A: Not DM or TDM.

Q: Will the game feature editing tools? (Like GUI editor, map editor, script editor etc)

A: Yes.

Q: Will there be a 'UT2k3 Bonuspack' equivalent for TNTG?

A: Unknown.

Q: what can we expect from the new engine (or perhaps this is more a design decision?) in terms of draw/view distance? Will it be more foggy like Tribes 2? Or is the plan to have a much farther draw distance? (more of a haze like Tribes1 rather)

A: Right now we have a light haze in most cases. One of our concerns is that the long sight distance could make the sniper rifle a bit overly important. Funny how easily something like haze can effect game-play

Q: Note: Gametype. As in an alternate. Not base. Keep it how you want, just something for the strategy buffs.

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