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The Next Tribes Q&A

The Next Tribes Q&A

Posted by: Diotoir on Thu Mar 20th, 2003 at 5:25 PM
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A: It'll have to be a mod. We want to ship with just one physics to learn.

Q: will tntg use hitscan weapons like in ut2k3, cs etc or will you have to lead your shots like in t1 and t2?

A: probably have to lead.

Q: Will T3 be more prone to RL tournaments then t2, with a very good competition mode built in? I say this because it seems most people who play t2 could not play it without scripts, thus making real life tournaments hard. But if more features would be added so that scripts weren't NEEDED that would be kool. And is it gonna try to become a recocgnized game by the cpl, the biggest money circuit right now.

A: I think most *could* play without scripts, they just choose not to. We don't plan on adding everything that every script does to the next game. As for the CPL, I don't know if they will accept us as a recognized game. We'll have to see. In the past they have said that Tribes teams were too large for CPL competition.

Q: Who isn't developing TNTG?

A: Vin Diesel's company, Tigon.

Q: I understand that you're not likely to tell us what engine TNTG will be running, but perhaps you'll answer a small question about it. Will the engine support more in the way of terrain features like plants, trees, and such? The odd tree or cactus here and there in T2 was an improvement, but a lot more foliage (like engine capabilities for at least a small forest) would prove interesting for group tactics, I think.

A: Yes.

Q: I seem to recall that some underwater-specific vehicles were originally planned for T2. Any chance of some making it into Tribes the Next?

A: Very Unlikely.

Q: Will mine-disking be in TNTG?

A: Mine-disk will be game-play dependant. If it improves the game, then yes. If it harms the game, then no.

Q: Will water be in TNTG?

A: Yes.

Q: What about different types of grenades?

A: Probably more than one type, again subject to goodness of game-play.

Q: what is being done to make the game playable for small amounts of players? eg. 2-8. Will there be specially small maps or something else?

A: We have some things that we're working on, but as they haven't been tested yet I'll just leave it at "we're working on that issue".

Q: Will the language use the same syntax as for Tribes 2? Will the "moddible" code have the same organization?

A: No to the syntax and no to the organization.

Q: how much of a learning curve will the experienced Tribes 2 coder/scripter have when he/she jumps into The Next Tribes?

A: Should be easier to learn than structured programming in Perl

Q: What engine will Tribes III run on? What features will the Tribes III engine offer? What mod features will be available on Tribes III?

A: All of these are answered elsewhere in the thread. To sum up, I can't give any specifics about the engine at this time. Sorry.

Q: you obviously are going to use a limited amount of players in the open beta (if it does end up being an open beta) My question is, what if you have ... lets say 1/2 for reference... of said players play the beta for 1 week, then disappear, and also do not interact with the Dev team in any way before, during and after they are gone. will you then delete those accounts and open those slots then to "2nd string" testers ?

A: Actually our current plan is to have something like the Quake 3 technology test that absolutely anybody can take part in. Download it and you're in.

Q: for how long is tntg already in development?

A: Around a year.

Q: if the graphics are going to compete with whatevers current, and assuming you're still going with the rolling hills deal (you better), how are you going to balance detail like trees and general foliage with the need for clean routes through the map? Are we gonna be fighting on nuclear wastelands devoid of organic life, or what?

A: I'd bet that the best players would find a route thru the trees and the second level players would find a tree.

Q: what are your thoughts on fast 400-600kph route capping (T1/T2 Classic) versus slower, more freestyle/weaving route capping (T2 base). Will TNTGWNNYAIHBAY strike some sort of balance here? There was a point in Classic's development where it had what I consider a better balance of air control and speed, but this got the boot in favour of an arguably faster game than T1.

A: capping speeds (and all speed) will be set by what makes for fun play. Perhaps we'll impliment a new unit with which to measure speed and distance.

Q: You say that the script language will be easy to learn, but will be be as powerful, or better yet, more powerful and flexible then T2's script?

A: Where did I say easy to learn? I said easier than structured programming in Perl which is largely impossible (I kid, please don't email and tell me how great perl is). The language will be complex enough to do what needs to be done.

Q: kind of related to question 3- will map sizes that are much larger than t2 (i'm thinking hundreds of square miles) be possible? i ask this because it'd allow for some interesting mods that i've been thinking of..

A: Since T2 maps went on to infinity, no, we won't be doing maps larger than T2

Q: Will it be possible to change the amount of thrust that your jetpack gives? i mean use more energy to ge higher faster but you wont be able to fly as far because you use up too much energy.

A: Very unlikely.

Q: Are dev people aware that running admin on a t2 server is almost like a black art?

A: Yes, absolutely. There is a nice large section on server admin UI in the design document.

Q: Will there be female player models with their own attributes? One of the things I liked about tribes was that you can choose a female and have better mobility and be less of a target, while sacrificing a little hit damage. It's like having 6 player classes as opposed to 3 armor classes.

A: I hate to burst your bubble, but that's an urban legend. The female may look smaller, but the hit box is the same, and the hit points are identical. The only difference between male and female in T1 and T2 is visual.

Q: Are you going to make it so that a player can use more than one grenade? In T2, the rocket launcher can lock on to a player. This weapon should be anti-vehicle only. Always having to carry flare grenades is ridiculous.

A: Undecided.

Q: Will you be making it easier to get in vehicles? Getting in vehicles in T2 is a joke. It's a bug that never got fixed, IMO.

A: Agreed. It will be easier to get in a vehicle in the next game.

Q: do you anticipate or have you considered the implementation of a respawn delay in the new game? i dont mean a suicide penalty like base t2 had, but just, you die to your opponent, wait from 5 seconds to some other painful duration to spawn back into the game. tribes has never had one, thank god, but more and more other online teamplay games are exhibiting respawn delays these days...

A: We've talked about various ways to do that. One possibility is a delay that decreases the farther you were away from your flag, so that offense isn't penalized for being agressive and defense doesn't just respawn right in the face of the attacker that just killed them. We're looking at all sorts of options, and good game-play will be the deciding factor as always.

Q: Will there be difference in ski speed depending on what sort of terrain you are on? Like on snow you can ski faster downhill then on sand?

A: Possibly. We can definately do that (and could in T1 and T2 as well) the question is does it make the game more fun, or more confusing. For experts, obvously more fun, for beginners, a bit more confusing. Is it an overall win? I'm not sure yet.

Q: My question is, have you (the dev team, really) been given access to the T2 cheats? I'm not talking about waypoints in the sky and the external program that autoaims for you, I'm talking about this: I know that it's impossible to halt cheating altogether, but knowing what's out there already can't hurt.

A: Happy is actually quite willing to work with us to fix any little issues he finds. He's always been great about such things with Marweas and me. Since it's a new engine specific cheats are only educational in a general sense, but we are familiar with most of the cheats out there (for tribes and other games).

Q: Will bots and/or other AI be given more of a focus in Tribes the Next? And will automated systems (bots) -if any- be hunters, sentries, and/or peons (build/deploy/repair/gather resources/etc.)?

A: We are spending a lot of time on AI.

Q: Cntrl + K, time delay or no?

A: No delay, but post Ctl+K your player model has an obvious load in it's pants for the rest of the map...

Q: Will The Game Be CPU Intensive Or Graphics Intensive, Or Both?

A: GPU intensive, and CPU intensive depending on the power of your system.

Q: Oh! One word: overtime. Can you add this for tournament mode? That would be l33t as all hell.

A: Should it be Sudden Death / Golden Goal?

Q: Are there any plans for basic interiors for use in mapping? In tribes 1 the editor came packed with basic base shapes that could be "assembled" into complete bases without having to create shapes in WorldCraft/hammer. This allowed for a large number of serverside maps and many variations on known terrains. Also will such elements as elevators be included or will tntg retain the slide up and down feel as in Tribes 2?

A: Possibly. If we can make our basic interiors available we will. We have extensive pre-fab building-bits far beyond what was available in T1 or T2. As for elevators you'll probably see some sort of lift to get big fat-ass heavies out of deep bases when they're loaded with something heavy (an ATM or some such).

Q: Will the spawning system include spawnspheres or will it be a new system?

A: I simply don't know yet. We want to avoid the problems of spawn camping or spawn mining, but there are other options (such as shielded spawn tanks or some such). We'll see what looks good as we move forward.

Q: Can we expect a NEW gametype, a PROVEN gametype or an old boring gametype? (main focus)

A: Well, as I read elsewhere, it's not going to be BF Tribes. CTF (or something that looks an awful lot like it) will be a major componant, but there will likely be a shift in the way you think about map design and game types.

Q: I was just wondering if the t3 map editor will be fucked up like t2 or not so hard just hard to get into

A: I should imagine it will be quite a bit more robust than the T2 editor.

Fans of Tribes,

We're closing the thread.

I thank you for all of the questions and I really wish I could be more open about where we are. Menzo has told me that I can tell you to expect more information soon (which I take to mean around the end of Q2, but who knows how PR guys measure time).

Somebody told me that I behaved poorly in this thread, and I can see how somebody new to this community might think that, so let me say that if I offended or insulted anybody I apologize, that was not my intent.

More importantly, I apologize to all of you whose questions I glossed over, no-commented, or just ignored. There are limitation on what I can say at the moment and until those limitations are lifted I can't go into more detail. Luckily for all of you, once those limitations are lifted the rest of the dev team will be able to answer questions and you won't have to listen to me ramble around the issues.

I'll be doing this again in a few weeks (for one day only - I need to get some work done on occasion). We'll pick a different location and let people know on all the main Tribes web sites.

Thank you again,


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