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Tribes:Vengeance Q&A

Tribes:Vengeance Q&A

Posted by: on Tue May 13th, 2003 at 8:30 PM
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After the popular Tribes: The Next Q&A, people have been wanting more. Threads would be started at various sites in an attempt to get the dev team to release information; however, rarely would they comply. Finally, the dev team decided to do another Q&A session at saying that they could now answer more questions that previously possible. After a somewhat slow start, the masses started flooding in and myriads of wonderful questions starting coming. Without further ado, I bring you the Tribes: Vengeance Q&A 2! This Q&A consists of 197 questions, but is definitely better than scrounging through the forums, and is undoubtedly worth the time.

And now for the Q&A

Q: Will Tribes: Vengeance incorporate a native benchmarking utility similar to the unreal 2003 utility provided by HardOCP?

A: No.

Q: Is it going to be possible to "rewind" demos when viewing them?

A: No.

Q: Point is, is there any chance of tying in "mystic" type elements with T:V ? Cheers.

A: Nope, no mysticism.

Q: To what degree will vehicles be implented in T:V, and will we see any innovations in this area?

A: The game is infantry-centric, but vehicles are included for a variety of reasons:
- they're fun to drive
- they're easy to use
- they capable of moving in different ways to infantry
We will definitely be having vehicles, but they are being redesigned from scratch to fulfil those criteria.

Q: Will there be Rag doll effects.

A: Yep. They're especially suited to a game where you're likely to be killed at high velocity.

Q: How many differnt armors (ex, light medium heavy) do you wish to incorporate into the game?

A: We're using the classic three - Light, Medium and Heavy - but we're modifiying their capabilites to better balance their use (Medium has been underused, previously).

Q: How the hell are you guys going to get client-side mods to work with the Unreal Engine???

A: If you're talking about customization, we're going to provide some in-game features to allow for that.
If you're not, let me say this: we must maintain the integrity of the game - it has to be a fair and equal experience for all players. So the ability to modify your version of the game to give you an advantage over others is not something we intend to provide.

Q: Has their been any change in the status of a linux port of Vengeance since the thread on There was one group which expressed interest in doing it, has anything changed since then?

A: Nothing has changed since then.

Q: How will water be handled in T:V -- first, graphically, and secondly, gameplay-wise. Do you plan to let us ski over it? Will we have the same cartoony waves from Tribes 2? What about pixel shaders and the like?

A: Tribes: Vengeance will have water. Graphically, we have the engine and the artists to make it look very cool. Gameplay-wise, our intention is to make water a fun part of any map, not a detrimental velocity-leech.

Q: T2 Base was seen by many of it's players as too 'Defense' orientated. What measures are being put in place to address this issue and keep the gameplay as balanced as possible?

A: Maps, equipment, and physics are designed to keep the gameplay more balanced. Maps in particular play a very significant role. T2 Base had quite a few maps with bases that were very far apart and/or flags that were buried deep underground.

Q: Will you keep up the standard that T1/T2 has in the way of voting missions, removing a player (kick), voting time limit etc the way both T1/T2's have had it? As in, none of this Q3 "/vote yes" stuff and pressing F2 to vote yes, clearly show the vote and a progression, much like T2.

A: Yes.

Q: Will you return the TabMenu (from T1) back to T2? Most people installed a script to return a tabmenu for T2, will we see it from the beginning in T1? (It was *very* useful).

A: The T:V equivalent will be more like T1 than T2, i.e. less intrusive.

Q: what is the current vision for the multiplayer component?
Other then the vague statements of "this is going to be faced paced fun that some people arent going to be ready for", is there a direction that the vengeance team has found and is willing to pursue?
Will we see CTF? A new Team Rabbit incarnate... or something new?

A: Heya Gallium. You'll see CTF. You'll also see new ways of playing the game. We're not releasing details yet.

Q: Another quick question,
For mappers will there be a standalone and solely-developed-for T:V map editor?

A: The T:V map editor is based on UnrealEd. It's modified to be more appropriate for Tribes. Check out the forums at for details.

Q: The single-player story seems to many of us to be the most exciting part of T:V -- aside from the fact that the franchise is saved, of course! When it comes to the story, I always felt that Tribes 1 was meant to have a very, well, 'tribal' feel to it, to capture certain elements of nomadic cultures like the Native Americans and other roaming tribal cultures, and then stylize them. (That's my feeling, for context). How do you plan to portray the tribal society?

A: The story deals with the different Tribes as if they reflected different facets of our own society. Each Tribe occupies a different niche (technologically, economically and sociologically), running the gamut from poor and nomadic to opulent and decadent. There's still "tribal" tribes, but there are other, totally different groups as well.

Q: IMHO the most fun games are ones that are easy to learn, but hard to master.
How is the game design going to incorporate that, particularly in regard to skiing and vehicle handling? ie, any noob can hop in a shrike and get from A to B, but there should be an noticable difference in skill between a player of 1 month, and a player of a year in what they can pull off.
In Tribes2, it felt like once you got to a certain level of skill development within the game, there wasn't much differentiating the average players from the amazing players (speaking as an average player myself )

A: "Easy to learn but hard to master" is the goal. How to do that is a topic worthy of a book. Briefly, here are some design approaches we're taking:
- create a single player experience that uses all the same systems as the multiplayer experience
- design a physics system from the ground up with a particular learning curve in mind; that learning curve is soft and gradual at the beginning and grows exponentially over an extended period of time
- design armor, weapons, and vehicles that make the best possible use of this physics system in a variety of fun and interesting ways
- keep it simple; allow complexity to emerge from a solid foundation
- allow gameplay to evolve; in fact, encourage gameplay evolution and be careful not to stifle it with unnecessary design decisions
- create a musical instrument to be played for a very long time, not a song to be listened to but once or twice

Q: Will we see any team oriented weapons? (weapons which will require cooperation with othre teammembers to use or at least a variation of its use)
as an example, being able to lock onto a targetting laser location with your missile launcher to force fire on a certain spot.
It would be great to see some weapons which could work together for more impressive results.

A: No weapons require cooperation, but all could benefit from it. When you think about it, even firing a disc to clear an HoF for an incoming capper requires cooperation. I know that's not really what you were getting at, but we're not releasing weapon details yet.

Q: Members of the DEV have said that the official maximum players on a server will be 32 but with edits to config files that number can be increased. If it is relatively so simple to increase the max player count why not give the option to go beyond 32 in-game? Basically what was the rationale when deciding upon a 32 player maximum?

A: The rationale was to be conservative. There are technical wildcards and 32 is a relatively safe number.

Q: Okay going by that it seems to me that the single player experience will be effected depending on what you Tribe you are currently playing. So that made me think of this question.
Will these attributes affect multiplay in any way?
ie: If you create a clan will you then have to decide what faction your clan follows? Thus affecting the technolgies available to your clan? I reckon that could be a really cool concept.

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