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Bouncy BOLL

Bouncy BOLL

Posted by: MrFluffyPants on Sun Nov 9th, 2003 at 9:51 PM
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A while ago, BOLL’s hex edit modifications for Halo were ported to the PC. They include such modifications as flying vehicles, homing rockets, and the infamous Wheels on Fire mod. However, as the mods add unfair advantages to certain weapons and vehicles, this makes the game notably unbalanced. Even so, they make the game quite fun, if only for sheer novelty. Much of Halo multiplayer has been changed in the transition from Xbox to PC; some code has been altered, and the data is formatted differently. This given, it is amazing that BOLL ported the mods in such a short amount of time.

I talked with BOLL about his mods.

Me: What inspired you to make the mods in the first place?

BOLL: Fun, I guess...

Me: What mod was the most fun for you to make?

BOLL: WOF. It was... well... fun to make... I was able to add so much crap because I was waiting for one of the players I was about to record with. Otherwise it wouldn't have contained so much.

Me: What challenges did you face when porting the mods to PC?

BOLL: No real challenge. I used Iron_Forge's outputs and added a few tag classes, and that's about it. I had to add a few changed to the patches though as there are more vehicles and… oh… I just remembered I have to add the fuel rod and the flamethrower to the weapons zoom patches....

Me: How are the mods created, in a nutshell?

BOLL: I use a utility created by my brother Ztranger, in Python. I add items by name that get meta inserted at certain offsets. Or items that are swapped with other items. Then I batch generate patches for the maps listed, and the utility checks if the items are present in the maps that patches are generated for, and then creates the ppf after that. Simple?

Me: Do you prefer to play the mods on PC or Xbox, and why?

BOLL: It's both ways...
Xbox = You can use the old trainers, play several people on one screen to test the hacks, etc
PC = No files to transfer, rename, etc, very fast... And soon faster... with… HHHT (Fluffy’s note- HTTT is now available here)... Soon ™.

The mods and what they do:

All Weapons Zoom:
All weapons zoom. Pretty self-explanatory.

Bouncy Plasma Grenades:
Plasma grenades bounce. They are never seen again.

Climbing MC:
Vertical surfaces are treated as horizontal ones. You can climb walls… with your feet. Sometimes, however, you’ll lose your footing, and gravity will take over (makes for some very interesting deaths). The first egg unique to Halo PC was found using this mod.

Your friendly neighborhood Spartan-man.

Flying MC:
This mod is a strange one. From the first step you take, you cannot stop moving. However, you can move three-dimensionally (up and down. As well as left and right), and the vehicle barriers do not apply – you can get to the very top of the level. The only downside to this mod is that, as I mentioned, it’s impossible to stop moving.

Flying Vehicles:
All vehicles behave like the banshee, except for their respective speed differences.
[I]It’s a bird!. It’s a plane! It’s a… tank.[/I]

High Speed and Super High Speed:
All vehicles go faster (or way faster, respectively) than normal. I got a banshee across Blood Gulch in 3 seconds.

Homing Rockets:
Rockets home in on your enemies, and never stop. They are impossible to shake on foot, and extremely hard to lose in a vehicle. Surprisingly, the rockets travel tail-first, and in clusters. The rockets go after the players body; if there are numerous one, and the leader kills the player, the rest will go after his body (I had a good forty going after me when I got hit, and my body was blown across Blood Gulch). After a while chasing an enemy, rockets auto-explode. This mod could open up a whole new dimension for Warthog jumping, if used correctly.

Don’t try this in your box canyon.[/I]

Hovering Vehicles:
This mod makes all vehicles hover. They handle similar to the Banshee, but they stay in place when idle in the air. This mod causes clipping to act strange.

Wheels on Fire:
This mod has very many effects, so I’ll list them in this simple, yet very elegant, bulleted list.

  • High Speed
  • Vehicles’ wheels are on fire
  • Vehicle name strings are changes (i.e. “Press X to enter Puma”, instead of Warthog)
  • Rockets look like needler-needles
  • Shotgun shoots health packs
  • Plasma grenades are overshields.
  • Sniper rifle shoots tank shells
  • Pistol shoots sniper bullets.
  • Overcharged plasma pistol shoots rockets.
  • Plasma rifle shoots overcharged plasma pistol shots
  • LAAG shoots overcharged plasma pistol shots.
  • AR shoots plasma rifle shots.
  • It’s nighttime.
  • Some weapon names are changed (Shotgun is “boomstick”)
  • Ghost shoots overcharged plasma pistol shot
  • Banshee shoots overcharged plasma pistol shot.

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