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Lark and InViZ's Weekly Debate

Lark and InViZ's Weekly Debate

Posted by: Mhaddy on Sun Aug 5th, 2001 at 9:23 AM
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My Mortar is Better Than Your Mortar

Tribes 1 vs. Tribes 2

Lark - Well, as you know... Tribes 1 was a long-lived game which had thousands of followers. Many of the competition-level players enjoyed such positions as Heavy Offense, and Heavy Defense/Heavy on Flag. Of course, their favorite weapon was the Mortar. It was the most powerful, had the firthest flying projectile, and it was just plain sweet! In Tribes 2, the Mortar can now be replaced with several other things like the Missile Launcher.

InViZ - But even with all the alternatives present in Tribes 2, nothing compares with the sure joy of blowing people up. One shot, One Kill. What makes the mortar better then the alternatives? Well, its hard to dodge something that drops straight on your head.

Lark - One shot and ONLY one kill? HAH!! In Tribes 1, we could fire a mortar into one of the little bases and get multiple kills in one shot. This, coupled with the easier-to-understand arc of the projectile in T1 makes for one badass mofugga of a Heavy Offensive.

- Now, the mortar has a flatter trajectory, and a more powerful impact. It's to the point where it seems to leave a crater in the earth where it strikes, and nothing compares to shaking an entire base and it's occupants to hell and back.

Lark - yeah? well..... um.... People who used the targeting laser in T1 were considered Llamas!

InViZ - But in Tribes 1, could you shoot a mortar out of a tank, with a trajectory that is almost flat?

Lark - No, 'cause vehicles were also for llamas.

InViZ - So what exactly could you do that wasnt lame in T1?

Oh thats right...


Lark - In a heavy, you could ski faster than a energy pack-wearing cheetah-llama hybrid on crack!

InViZ - YOU SI A H@X0R!!!

Lark - And lets not forget about the awesome Base-raping power that the T1 Mortar inflicted.

Lark - I think that's what helped invent that phrase.. "Base Rape". The sheer power of a heavy sitting in your base firing green turds at everything.

InViZ - To bad the players werent even good enough to aim on their own, created aim - aiding utilities to help them. Once again, Llamas.

InViZ - And Base Rape?! HA!! In Tribes 2, a single mortar can shake your dentures off if you are in a base during an attack!

Lark - Yea, but how long does a heavy last in a base in T2? It's so hard to kill the turrets that with the exception of Katabatic, It's almost impossible to rape a base without team-support.

InViZ - Likewise, its hard to rape a base when the defense is lobbing mortars on your head.

Lark - OH! and lets not forget the awesome mod-weapons that were made using the T1 mortar model!! Nobody can forget the Nuke in the Shifter mod. I don't think anything can surpass the killing-pleasure that a Nuke involves. (sending a whole team to spawn heaven)

InViZ - Mod players are llamas.

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