the Junkyard: As Real As a 'Survivor' Elimination, Part VII
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As Real As a 'Survivor' Elimination, Part VII

As Real As a 'Survivor' Elimination, Part VII

Posted by: skseifer on Wed Oct 13th, 2004 at 9:58 PM
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Finally, after sitting here with Captain Luthan with memory outages and forgetfullness of the Library, here is part VII. Before continuing, be sure to check out part VI of the series, where we discussed 343 Guilty Spark. And now, everyone's favourite level, the Library.

Please note that the intent of this article is not bash Halo or Bungie. It is merely a view on realism to video gamers. --Ed

skseifer: Do the different branches of the armed forces like to make jokes or gestures on each other as much as we think they do, Roy?

Capt. Luthan: Oh yeah, we do that quite a bit. A lot of competition is between us and the Army, but it's all in the spirit of fun. The Navy is fun to pick on, though. There's a bumper sticker out now that says, "Sure, the Marines is a Department of the Navy. We're the Men's Department." But all in all, when it comes down to money time, we forget it all and help each other out when needed.

skseifer: Okay, Roy. Hope you have your snacks ready and went to the restroom because we're starting on the Library.

Capt. Luthan: Alright, whew, let's do this.

skseifer: You teleport in and find yourself in the pits of Hell itself. 343 Guilty Spark tells you about the Index and you begin.

Capt. Luthan: I would have treated this like anything else, but with the memory of my last confrontation with the Flood still fresh in my mind, I would run through most of this rather than create mounds of bodies. Ammo is a biggie here, since we teleported here and it's not clear whether there's ammo laying about. But after clearing the first room and entering the bigger one, running would be top priority.

skseifer: Are there any special tactics you would use in this situation?

Capt. Luthan: Not really, it's all about survival. Again, the weapon strap would be really useful here. I wouldn't even worry about checking my corners, since I'm being chased by groups of Flood most of the time and I'd just run each corner and hope nothing with a bigger gun is on the other side.

skseifer: After gaining little ground and probably on your last clip by now, you're going down the mess of hallways after the huge door.

Capt. Luthan: Just keep moving, man. Stopping for a breather could cost you your life. When ambushed I'd just keep moving and firing behind me and maybe dropping a grenade or two to slow them down.

skseifer: You reach the first big platform lift and ride it up to the next level.

Capt. Luthan: I would be kind of suspicious what kind of facility this was when I saw how big everything was. I would be asking 343 GS tons of questions while we'd be taking those lonely walks down hallways. But in our case, the Chief is a mute and is just a killing machine.

skseifer: After starting on the new set of hallways and ambushes, you come up on another locked door and 343 GS tells you to sit tight.

Capt. Luthan: I'd be pissed if he just left me there. There's tons of enemies that could rip me apart and ask for seconds and he has to go open the door instead of sending some other Sentinel to do it. But after braving another wave of Hell and surviving, we'd tackle the next couple of hallways until we hit the next platform lift.

skseifer: While on your possibly 20th hallway and floor 3 (in short, Hallway 20?, Floor 3), 343 GS is rambling on about the installation and the Flood. Would you be listening to any of this?

Capt. Luthan: I'd try to, since I'm mostly occupied with the constant thought of what I'm going to do if I come across a Flood with a rocket launcher or if this next corner could bring another ambush.

skseifer: You miraciously reach the platform lift and come upon Hallway 42?, Floor 4.

Capt. Luthan: I'd basically be hauling butt at this point, since I'm probably having seizures from all the Flood I've killed in the past two minutes. This is where it gets tough, since your nearing the end and the enemies always seem to piss you off more and have better weapons than you. Right now it'd be a sad day for the Spartans, since your basically running around like a Barbarian scavanging dead bodies for ammunition or an arm you can use as a weapon until you can climb the ledge and grab the clip for your assault rifle.

skseifer: Finally, you reach the last big door.

Capt. Luthan: I would have just ran in and Rambo'd it, since the end is just right there. After a few miracles and cheap shots, victory would be mine with the Index in my hands. At this point I'd probably be laughing or crying since I survived Hell itself and my trigger finger sore by now. But after a few victory dances and getting my hard-earned Index robbed, it's off to the next level!

skseifer: There it is, the Library from a Marine viewpoint. Join us next time as we discuss Two Betrayals!

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