the Junkyard: As Real As a 'Survivor' Elimination, Part VIII
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As Real As a 'Survivor' Elimination, Part VIII

As Real As a 'Survivor' Elimination, Part VIII

Posted by: skseifer on Mon Nov 1st, 2004 at 11:46 PM
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Here we are again, going through old notes and trying to remember if it was a Hunter or a Grunt that pops up after a certain corner. Be sure to check out part VII of the series, where we discussed The Library. And with that, enjoy Two Betrayals!

Please note that the intent of this article is not bash Halo or Bungie. It is merely a view on realism to video gamers. --Ed

skseifer: Roy, what do you expect from Halo 2 upon release?

Capt. Luthan: I'm expecting some really big changes, like in AI smartness. If I run right into an Elite, I'm going to expect him to whip me with his weapon and then shoot me in the back while I'm down. The graphics look good but it's all about the gameplay, in my opinion.

skseifer: Okay, here we go on the Two Betrayals. You teleport back to the control room and find out that Halo is a weapon of mass destruction. 343 Guilty Spark turns against you and his sentinels begin the attack.

Capt. Luthan: I would have taken cover behind the glass infront of me and exchanged gunfire/lasers until I killed them all off or enough to make a run for the door.

skseifer: You reach the big hallway that connects the control room to the outside and find the Covenant and Sentinels battling.

Capt. Luthan: If it seemed there was enough fighting to keep them busy, I would sneak by, but if not, I would just wait it out until either one lost, then finished off the rest.

skseifer: You get outside and Cortana tells you that you need to buy some time by destroying some pulse generators. You work your way down to the ground level and find the Covenant and a Wraith blocking you from your Banshee. What do you do?

Capt. Luthan: I would have tried to find a good spot that could give me adequate cover and an optimal view on my enemies. After finding my cover, a well-thrown timed grenade would take care of a few Covenant dancing around. If it cleared enough of them, I would rush down to the snow and clean up the rest of the trash. Then when I found cover from the tank, the best approach would be sneaking around it by staying very close to the canyon walls and coming up from behind with a grenade down the cannon opening. After securing the ground level, I would have commandeered the Banshee and headed towards the first pulse generator.

skseifer: You reach the platform to the first pulse generator.

Capt. Luthan: I would have done a couple of strafing runs with the Banshee on the platform to clear out any enemies. When it looked clear, I'd land and enter the hallway. When I entered the room I would expect extreme opposition since it is a vital part of the main weapon on Halo. After securing the room and distrupting the pulse generator's energy stream, I'd head back to the Banshee and head towards the bridge in the middle of the canyon.

skseifer: You reach the bridge but find it swarming with Covenant.

Capt. Luthan: Again, I would have done strafing runs until they were all dead. After landing, I would sabotage the Banshee's controls and work my way towards to next generator.

skseifer: You reach the canyon with the second generator.

Capt. Luthan: Here's where I have a problem. If the Chief's armor had several different camoflauge types built into it so that the standard green could be changed at anytime, he would blend right into the snow and save ourselves a lot of time. We have the stuff right now for color-changing technology to be built into the outer skin of an object. I think 500 years later we should of at least perfected it. But as I walked out the doors and found more Covenant waiting for me, I would find some cover and focus on the Banshee flying around.

After that was destroyed, I'd move forward to the caves and come out the other end where the Scorpion tank was a few levels ago. After working up the path and coming to the frozen pond below the second generator, I'd start looking for some aerial transportation up there. Naturally, I'd check the middle building for an elevator or stairs to the roof. Since the only Banshees are guarded by Covenant tank, I would first destory that with a Ghost using hit-and-run tactics. After the tank and airspace was clear, I'd take the Banshee up to the 2nd generator's platform and enter the doors. Whew!

skseifer: You enter the first set of doors and go through the hallway, then enter the second set of doors and destroy the pulse generator. Upon leaving you're ambushed. What do you?

Capt. Luthan: Since the shields on my armor are probably still recharging, I'd dive behind some cover and stick my weapon over the top of whatever I'm behind and keep shooting until the shields recharge. When recharged, I'd go into a crouch position so just my head and weapon are exposed and keep firing until only a couple of enemies are left so I can make a run for the exit.

skseifer: You make it outside and head towards the tunnel on the ground level.

Capt. Luthan: This tunnel is crawling with a lot of enemies and activity, so I wouldn't have even tried going through it with the Banshee. Instead, I would go find the Ghost I had earlier and fight my way through. If most of the enemies were busy fighting each other instead of me, then I should have no problem working my way through. When I reached the big doors into the underground area and found more Flood, I would have cleared the area infront of the doors and ran ahead to some cover. After doing a quick survey of my surroundings for enemy forces, I'd start crossing the bridge. Luckily, every few feet the bridge has a small opening on the side where you can find some cover in case enemies appear while you're crossing. When I reached the other side, I'd find some cover and do another quick survey of my surroundings before moving on.

skseifer: You exit through the doors and reach the outside area.

Capt. Luthan: When I got to the top of the slope after exiting the last tunnel doors and got a good view of the canyon, I would immediately turn and stick to the canyon walls instead of walking straight ahead to the open area where there's no cover. After moving along the walls and finding the Covenant holding down the hill with Ghosts and gun emplacements, I would stay low and if possible crawl my way towards them. When the Flood came in and started distracting them, I would run up towards the hill and knock anyone between me and the Ghost out of my way with a throw move, which is using your arms on your subjects legs and throwing them over your shoulder. When I commandeered the Ghost, I'd get out of there as fast as I could and let the remaining Covenant deal with them.

skseifer: You take the Ghost further into the canyon and find the Covenant dug in at the end of the canyon with tanks, where your only available aircraft is located. What do you do?

Capt. Luthan: With the Flood most likely closing in behind me and the Covenant tanks firing off rounds infront of me, I would prefer the Covenant and run the Ghost right up to them. I would first take out the gun emplacements and surrounding infantry. When it was only the tanks left, I would wait for them to fire at me, then use the tank's reload time to push the Banshee behind the large rock and trees with the Ghost. After accomplishing this, I'd abandon the Ghost and get inside the Banshee. I'd then wait for the tank to fire another round, hitting the rock, then I'd make use of my time and take off, flying as high up as I could until I was out of range of the next tank shot.

skseifer: You take your well-stolen Banshee to the third and final pulse generator and take care of the Sentinels guarding the outside. You enter the doors and find the Flood battling the Sentinels.

Capt. Luthan: After past experience, I would have taken on the Flood first since they're a lot stronger and lethal than the Sentinels. I'd first take position behind one of the window openings and then wage war. After clearing out the Flood, I would then swap for a plasma pistol and take on the Sentinels. Then after working my way through smoking metal and bodies, I'd take out the final generator and head to Captain Keyes.

skseifer: And there it is, Two Betrayals from a Marine viewpoint. Join us next time as we discuss Keyes!

Thoughts? Opinions? Disagree with what the Captain would have done? Let us know!

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