the Junkyard: Ugh... (tJY's Downtime)
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Ugh... (tJY's Downtime)

Ugh... (tJY's Downtime)

Posted by: Mhaddy on Tue May 1st, 2001 at 5:51 PM
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And down she goes again. In a little over four months, the Junkyard has had some pretty bad luck with hosts. Mid-January, we had to go down as a result of our own popularity; a Tribes 1 parody movie that was created by Lark ate up so much bandwidth that we were consuming over 80% of our server's resources for over four days until we were forced to shut down and was kicked off that server (details). Now, under three months later we run into more bad luck with our host and were forced to relocate to a new server.

Initially we thought this wouldn't pose much of a problem and only be down a few days - a week max. However, several unexpected problems arose that hindered us from getting back up on time. Fortunately, everything was backed up [twice] and no data was lost. We did miss several great announcements and events (ie. Tribes 2's release) but we're back now and truly, better than ever!

To prove it to you, we are starting our two week Junk-A-Thon(TM), starting on 05/01/2001 and ending on 05/14/2001! Just what exaclty is a 'Junk-A-Thon'? Well, every day for two weeks we will release something exclusive to the 'Yard, be it an interview, a review, a preview, a movie, shots, information, contests, give-a-ways, whatever! Every day for two weeks when you visit the 'Yard you will be shown something new.

What's more, is back up and running along with our forums - faster than ever. Our hosted sites are hooked up and operating but the hosting application has been temporarily disabled while ease ourselves in to our new home.

We've slightly redesigned the pages a bit, in an attempt to make navigation easier and to alleviate some confusion on the left navigation menu. So sit back, relax - drop by, say hello on the forums and make yourself at home. Thanks for all of your support, as without you we wouldn't have found the initiative to get back online. Cheers!

Welcome back! :)

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