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link to this file The Spartans
Download The Spartans
File Size: 8.69 MB
Format: .mp3
Downloaded: 31746
Since: 11/06/2005
Inspired by the upcoming Halo movie, Edgen offers this new montage. Contains a lot of film score elements -- one of his best.

link to this file Master and Chief
Download Master and Chief
File Size: 3.17 MB
Format: .mp3
Downloaded: 36189
Since: 01/10/2004
Says the creator himself (Edgen), the "Master and Chief" is his best work to date. Even receiving praise from Marty O'Donnell (Halo theme), this is one high energy piece.

link to this file Edgen's 3rd Halo Remix: Ruined Desert
Download Edgen's 3rd Halo Remix: Ruined Desert
File Size: 5.72 MB
Format: .mp3
Downloaded: 22451
Since: 11/07/2003
Edgen's 3rd remix of Halo's theme. Runs 3:58, incredible.

link to this file Edgen's 2nd Halo Remix
Download Edgen's 2nd Halo Remix
File Size: 5.17 MB
Format: .mp3
Downloaded: 19178
Since: 11/07/2003
Edgen's 2nd remix of Halo's theme. Like the original, this is a must listen for music lovers everywhere, not just Halo addicts. Runs 3:35, entitled "Game Time".

link to this file Edgen's Original Halo Theme Remix
Download Edgen's Original Halo Theme Remix
File Size: 2.5 MB
Format: .mp3
Downloaded: 28079
Since: 11/07/2003
Edgen's original remix of Halo's theme. A must listen, runs 2:36.

link to this file Halo Warp
Download Halo Warp
File Size: 1 MB
Format: .mp3
Downloaded: 19706
Since: 04/13/2002
A pretty cool mix that was found at Halo Command. It includes several of the sounds from the e3 trailer, as well as the music from Totalaudio.

link to this file Halo Theme
Download Halo Theme
File Size: 2.85 MB
Format: .mp3
Downloaded: 91180
Since: 04/13/2002
You've all heard it before, Halo's theme music.

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