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link to this file HaloSpy CE
Download HaloSpy CE
File Size: 2.22 MB
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 2370
Since: 06/09/2004
HaloSpy CE is a server browser for Halo CE with auto-download from map mirrors, a buddy list to find players online, a game summary export feature, server favorites, and alot more! More information including screenshots can be found here.

link to this file Halo Server Query Tools 0.75b4
Download Halo Server Query Tools 0.75b4
File Size: 55.51 kb
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 2219
Since: 03/18/2004
This is an update to the previous version (0.75b3). It fixes the memory leak and the problems when connecting to a server not running on the default port. It will be my last release in the 0.75 series, and as such I have also released the source code (Under the GPL) at my site.

link to this file Halo Server Query Tools 0.75b2
Download Halo Server Query Tools 0.75b2
File Size: 43.08 kb
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1813
Since: 02/05/2004
Halo Server Query Tools (HSQT for short) is a C++/W32API application that allows you to build a list of Halo servers, query them, and join a server. HSQT supports launching Halo with custom command line parameters, executing mIRC commands upon joining and/or returning from a server, a simple buddy list that allows you to follow your buddies into a game, import/export(HTML & text) of serverlists, and copying IP/port or some server details to clipboard.

link to this file HaloSpy
Download HaloSpy
File Size: 1.83 MB
Format: .exe
Downloaded: 2283
Since: 12/01/2003
An update to the previous version, version adds the following functionality:
  • TGA Screenshot viewer & some JPEG functionality (rotate, greyscale, et cetera)
  • AutoJoin
  • AutoLaunch game

  • link to this file Halo Map Tools 3
    Download Halo Map Tools 3
    File Size: 1.03 MB
    Format: .rar
    Downloaded: 5210
    Since: 11/29/2003
    Created by: Monoxide and tjc

    Halo Map Tools, currently at version 3.0, is a hacking tool for Bungie's masterpiece first person shooter - Halo:Combat Evolved. HMT currently supports all versions of the game. These include:
  • Xbox, PC Retail, PC Beta, and PC Demo

    HMT has grown from a simple sound injector to a very complex app that performs a wide variety of tasks. In Version 3, I have teamed up with tjc, a very talented programmer and hacker, to provide more cutting edgefeatures.

    See the enclosed readme file for full feature list.

  • link to this file HaloSpy
    Download HaloSpy
    File Size: 1.56 MB
    Format: .exe
    Downloaded: 1759
    Since: 11/11/2003
    A GameSpy-like Halo PC server query tool. It shows the full stats of a game, and allows you to create favourites (one of the many things I found missing from the ingame browser), amongst others things. A list of fixes in this bulid over the previous:

  • Fixes bug with Halo url constantly replacing server you try to query.
  • Fixed "Launch Game" bug
  • Added better debug Window
  • Added ping statistics
  • Fixed field tabbing
  • Updated beta testers list

  • link to this file ServerStats v1.0
    Download ServerStats v1.0
    File Size: 508.05 kb
    Format: .zip
    Downloaded: 2117
    Since: 11/04/2003
    A Halo PC server query script, coded in PHP to display a game's current stats. Based on the nontent script, the code slightly modified and the addition of a template system, and support for Halo URL.

    link to this file Helpful Hacking Tool
    Download Helpful Hacking Tool
    File Size: 286.34 kb
    Format: .rar
    Downloaded: 2540
    Since: 10/26/2003
    Used to make PPF patching of HaloPC maps easy. Created by Extion.

    link to this file SparkEdit 2.0
    Download SparkEdit 2.0
    File Size: 251.01 kb
    Format: .zip
    Downloaded: 3741
    Since: 10/26/2003
    This little program allows you to view and edit Halo PC and Xbox maps. Created by Grenadiac. See the enclosed readme file for more information.

    link to this file HaloURL 1.1
    Download HaloURL 1.1
    File Size: 135.27 kb
    Format: .zip
    Downloaded: 2051
    Since: 10/12/2003
    This program enables the use of halo:// urls on Windows 2000/XP. Also supports adding parameters (EX - halo:// -use14).

    Update 10/16: Halo URL 1.1: This is an update to the last version (1.0) that fixes a bug where HaloURL would not work if Halo was installed on a different drive.

    - HA|aD Monkey

    link to this file HaloQuery
    Download HaloQuery
    File Size: 495.74 kb
    Format: .zip
    Downloaded: 1792
    Since: 10/08/2003
    A Windows, Linux and OpenBSD cgi application that shows the status of your Halo server. This is the flavour of choice that HBO uses for their dedicated server statistics. HTML templates are coming soon.

    link to this file Nocsole v1
    Download Nocsole v1
    File Size: 126.59 kb
    Format: .zip
    Downloaded: 2047
    Since: 10/08/2003
    A windows application to show the statistics of a Halo server. It runs on the server's end and allows RCON commands to be sent to it. Additional information can be found here.

    link to this file Statistics - Perl Object Environment
    Download Statistics - Perl Object Environment
    File Size: 5.51 kb
    Format: .gz
    Downloaded: 1646
    Since: 10/07/2003
    EmmEss has released this server component capable of working with the Perl Object Environment; it allows server administrators to get a web-based look at the settings that their Halo server is using.

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