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link to this file ATR Manual (WIP)
Download ATR Manual (WIP)
File Size: 17.4 MB
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1231
Since: 10/22/2006
This manual is the precursor to the full Compendium that will be completed with the release of the finished campaign. It shows you the default control setup, gives some brief history, and explains some of the technical data behind the various vehicles and components available in the ATR.

link to this file Adjudicator Firing Screensaver
Download Adjudicator Firing Screensaver
File Size: 12.2 MB
Format: .rar
Downloaded: 1402
Since: 08/15/2006
A screensaver of the Adjudicator firing and walking (footage from this clip).

link to this file SS:2845 Fansite Kit [Updated]
Download SS:2845 Fansite Kit [Updated]
File Size: 31.89 MB
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1557
Since: 01/26/2005
This updated fansite kit contains:
  • Large resolution pictures of some of the vehicles and infantry units
  • Some previously unreleased in-game shots
  • 2845 banners and buttons
  • Fonts
  • 2845, CCD, and Sierra logos
  • A flyer saved at 300dpi, that you can print out and use to promote the project

  • link to this file Sunder Cain Compendium Character Sheet
    Download Sunder Cain Compendium Character Sheet
    File Size: 656.71 kb
    Format: .pdf
    Downloaded: 1245
    Since: 09/25/2004
    There is the .pdf version of the Sunder Cain character sheet that you will be seeing in the final compendium. Thanks to SSU for providing it!

    link to this file Metagen and Characters Wallpaper
    Download Metagen and Characters Wallpaper
    File Size: 1.14 MB
    Format: .zip
    Downloaded: 1541
    Since: 09/14/2004
    This wallpaper pack contains two wallpapers: The Genocite / Incursus wallpaper comes in 1024*768 and 1280*960 flavours, and the characters wallpaper only comes in 1024*768 flavour.

    link to this file SS:2845 Logos
    Download SS:2845 Logos
    File Size: 600.04 kb
    Format: .zip
    Downloaded: 1413
    Since: 08/02/2004
    A pack of three high-resolution Starsiege:2845 logos, including two transparent versions of the SS insignia.

    link to this file SS:2845 Icon
    Download SS:2845 Icon
    File Size: 2.24 kb
    Format: .ico
    Downloaded: 1208
    Since: 07/07/2004
    A little 32*32 icon that was whipped up by Smylodon. Note that the icon is transparent, and looks a lot better than the below preview.

    link to this file Med and Pred and Imp Wallpapers
    Download Med and Pred and Imp Wallpapers
    File Size: 940 kb
    Format: .zip
    Downloaded: 1507
    Since: 05/08/2004
    A trio of wallpapers of the Colonial Medusa (1600*1200), the Colonial Predator (1600*1200), and the Imperial Human Pilot (1024*768).

    link to this file WOFN SS:2845 Interview
    Download WOFN SS:2845 Interview
    File Size: 33 MB
    Format: .mp3
    Downloaded: 1226
    Since: 03/22/2004
    On Sunday March 21, 2004, WOFN sat down Vailias, Configsys.boy!, and Trajan of the SS:2845 team to chat about the current status of the game and where they're headed in the future. This is the .mp3 "chat log" of that interview. See this newspost for more details.

    Thanks to TribalWar for hosting the download.

    link to this file 'Brids and Preds Wallpaper
    Download 'Brids and Preds Wallpaper
    File Size: 941.62 kb
    Format: .zip
    Downloaded: 1557
    Since: 12/15/2003
    Three 1600*1200 wallpapers, showcasing the newly refined predators and a grouping of Cybrids.

    link to this file Fansite Kit
    Download Fansite Kit
    File Size: 1.7 MB
    Format: .zip
    Downloaded: 1523
    Since: 12/15/2003
    Containing 60 images and two fonts, this fansite kit is enough to get any SS:2845 site started up.

    link to this file Dawo Otobe Wallpaper
    Download Dawo Otobe Wallpaper
    File Size: 572.19 kb
    Format: .zip
    Downloaded: 1408
    Since: 11/28/2003
    Dawo Otobe wallpaper, comes in three flavours: 1024*768, 1152*864, and 1280*1024.

    link to this file Emancipator Wallpaper
    Download Emancipator Wallpaper
    File Size: 517.63 kb
    Format: .zip
    Downloaded: 1613
    Since: 11/16/2003
    Three 1600*1280 Emancipator wallpapers.

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