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link to this file StarSiege Reference File
Download StarSiege Reference File
File Size: 3.51 MB
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1525
Since: 10/18/2005
Thanks to Kim "SteelFire" Arcuri, we have this cool collection of various details concerning the StarSiege universe. Please keep in mind that much of what is contained here is unofficial and non-canon.

Included in this file are officially released materials, like The Writer's Guide. Also included are several things gleaned from postings on the StarSiege Forums in response to questions from forum members. Much of the material in the 'Official Fiction' folder was taken from the StarSiege Writer's Library site, where Blake Hutchins had given Eidolon the material to post for the community. The 'Character Profiles' folder is filled with information taken from the original, official SS Players website, where the information was posted for the community. I have also included screen captures of the various in-game characters (thanks for the idea Bumy Carrot!). There is also a folder of SS concept art; I couldn't tell you where I got these from, pulled them from the web somewhere. Also included are some weapon images and profiles, taken from the original SSPlayers site as well. The Encyclopedias and ScanX's were pulled from the scrip files and are raw, unedited and unformatted. Um, I hope I didn't leave any sources out, if I have, it was unintentional.

Enjoy and use it wisely, there is a ton of information and material here, all well worth the time to understand.

Note on Cybrid dates in the Cybrid Encyclopedia and Cybrid ScanX. To get an equivalent human date, add 2471 to the Cybrid's not quite perfect, but I couldn't get a consistent conversion past that, at most the date could be off by about 2 weeks with this method.

Kim Arcuri/Steel Fire

link to this file StarSiege Writer's Guide
Download StarSiege Writer's Guide
File Size: 212.58 kb
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1491
Since: 03/27/2005
Quite a while ago, several of the fanfic authors began to collate all the information regarding StarSiege's story. In the end, their efforts produced the StarSiege Writer's Guide. A series of documents, the guide brings together information from the compedium, scannex, timeline, as well as several nonfiction sources.

link to this file Random Icons
Download Random Icons
File Size: 6.24 kb
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1329
Since: 07/16/2004
An icon pack that contains four Starsiege-related icons (actually, they're icons of some of the .gifs in this file), similar to the Starsiege:2845 icon released earlier in the month. These four were created by Symlodon as well.

link to this file tJY Starsiege Wallpaper
Download tJY Starsiege Wallpaper
File Size: 2.42 MB
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1594
Since: 05/28/2002

tJY's very own Starseige wallpaper, available in: 640*480, 800*600, 1024*768, 1152*864 and 1280*1024 resolutions.

link to this file Animated GIFs
Download Animated GIFs
File Size: 211 kb
Format: .zip
Downloaded: 1807
Since: 04/21/2002
A variety of Starsiege animated gifs from the game.

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