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Updated Master Server?
 Updated Master Server?
Wed May 19th, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 23:21 PM link to this newspost

Jeff revisits the Starsiege master server issue that we brought up a couple of days ago. Apparently, Butterbean of RA has been in contact with Sierra and found out that the Starsiege and Tribes master servers now point to a new address: I have yet to try this out on my system, but word is that only AK and CA servers do not show up after editing your master.cs file; all other servers are visible.

See this post in our forums for more information. If you don't know how to update your master servers, check out this news post for instructions. Additionally, if this fix doesn't work for you, be sure to pick up the alternate master server fix in our files section. Drop by the comments thread below or the original thread to let us know your results.

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