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Battleground Makes Way for a Planet
 Battleground Makes Way for a Planet
Wed Jun 30th, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 13:11 PM link to this newspost

Battleground: Halo is no more. After many years of working their way up the proverbial ladder, the former crew of BG:Halo have finally reached the top rung and their goal. What was once just a Battleground, is now a Planet! Announced yesterday, Site Director, Fluffy, had a few things to say:

We have now taken a big step into the IGN/GameSpy Network and have now reached the goal that the first staff set back in 1999, the same one we've always had, to become a Planet-site. Today is a big day and I'm proud to announce that we've now reached one of our major goals.
Nice job guys! Head on over to HaloPlanet and see what the crew has in store for you.

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