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How to install and run Starsiege in 2020
 How to install and run Starsiege in 2020
Tue May 19th, 2020
Posted by: Mhaddy at 01:20 AM link to this newspost

5 years after Hi-Rez Studios acquired the Tribes license from Garage Games in 2010, they decided to release all of the games in the Tribes universe, including Earthsiege, Earthsiege 2 and Starsiege for free. That's amazing, but... that was still 5 years ago and the master servers were long since dead (2008 was our last update).

But fear not! Jenetrix and Wilzuun's got you covered. Here's what you need to get Starsiege up and running in 2020.

Step 1. Download and install the latest build of the game that has some patches enabling it to run on Windows 10.

Step 2 (optional). Download and install the extras that contains skins, glide wrapper, BMP remap tool, and the original documentation.

Step 3. Replace the contents of your master servers (master.cs) with the following (last updated Dec 9, 2018):

// master.cs
// Last Updated 12/09/18

$Inet::Master1 = ""; // Jenetrix's Master
$Inet::Master2 = ""; // Wilzuun's Master
$Inet::Master3 = ""; // Jenetrix's Backup Master

// Legacy Master Servers
// $Inet::Master1 = "";
// $Inet::Master2 = "";
// $Inet::Master3 = "";

$inet::IPBroadcast1 = "IP:broadcast:29001";
$inet::IPXBroadcast1 = "IPX:broadcast:29001";

# times here are in ms
$pref::maxConcurrentPings = 20;
$pref::pingTimeoutTime = 1500;
$pref::pingRetryCount = 2;
$pref::maxConcurrentRequests = 10;
$pref::requestTimeoutTime = 3000;
$pref::requestRetryCount = 2;

Step 4. Replace your addrbook.cs with the contents of this updated file, which contains a list of servers not currently broadcasting to current master servers (as of Apr 24, 2020). Create the addrbook.cs file if it doesn't exist in the root folder.

That's it! If you're stuck, visit the forum thread for more information or join the Discord channel if you're still stuck.

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